Key features of hdfc pro growth maximiser insurance plan

Key Features Of Aegon Life Imaximize Plan

* ZERO Premium Allocation charge. All your money gets invested * Top-ups too do not attract any premium allocation charge * Special units get added from the 12th year onwards till the maturity of the policy * Choice of 2 investment strategies depending on your preference * Plan can be purchased online

This fund will aim to maintain a balance between equity and debt exposure to have a stable and attractive long term return. There is no charge which is applicable if premiums have been paid for 5 years. Higher of 7 x Annualised Premium or 0. His plan details are as follows: Units equal to 0. You also have the option to pay your premiums in one lump-sum under the single pay option. This plan offers four free switches every policy year.

Following are some of the other key features of the Aegon Life iMaximize Free Look Period | Customers who are not satisfied with the terms and conditions of the iMaximize Insurance Plan have the option of returning the policy to the company within 30 days from the date on which they receive the policy. Once the policy is cancelled during the free look period, the company will return the premiums to the customer after deducting stamp duty charges, pro rate adjustment for life cover, and any other expenses incurred by Aegon Life on medical examination, if any. Grace Period | In case you have not made your premium payment on time, you will receive

a grace period of 30 days to do the same if you have opted for an annual premium payment frequency, and 15 days in case of monthly premium payment frequency. If the premium is not paid within the grace period, the policy will lapse and the life cover as well as all the benefits will be extinguished. Discontinuance of Premium | In case the customer discontinues the payment of premiums, the policy may lapse based on how many premium payments have already been made. In case the discontinuance of premiums starts in the first five years of the policy, a notice will be sent by the company after the grace period has expired.

The customer will then have two options – to revive the policy within two years, or surrender the policy without any life cover. In case there is no response by the customer to the notice sent by the company within 30 days, the policy will be discontinued. The fund value on the date of discontinuance will then be subtracted by a discontinuance charge and the amount will be transferred to the Discontinuance Policy Fund. The money will then be paid to the policyholder after the lock-in period of five years has expired. Reinstatement | In case your policy has lapsed, you can apply for reinstatement within two years from the date on which

the first unpaid premium was due. In case the policy is not reinstated within the specified period, the policy will be terminated. Premium Re-Direction | Customers can use the premium re-direction feature to alter the premium allocation to be applied to their future premiums and top- ups. Switch | The switch feature allows customers to shift their investments from one fund to another. Customers are allowed to make four switches for free in a single policy year. Additional switches can be made for a nominal fee. Top-Up Premium | An extra amount of premium in excess of the contractual basic premiums is called a top-up premium. Top-up premiums help in enhancing your fund

value. Customers who purchase the iMaximize Insurance Plan can top-up their premium at any time except the last five policy years. The minimum top- up premium amount is Rs.5000.


Key Features Of Max Life Platinum Wealth Plan

Key Features Of Max Life Monthly Income Advantage Plan

Premium Payment options | Yearly, Half – Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly. Free look up period | Upto 15 days or 30 days in case of policy brought through distance marketing to read and agree to the terms of the policy or return it. Revival option for reduced paid up policy | Policy can be revived within 2 years from the first missed due date. Policyholder must pay all outstanding amount with interest to

reinstate the policy. Revival option for lapsed policy | In case the policy is lapsed, it can be revived within 2 years from the first missed due date. Policyholder must pay all outstanding amount with interest to reinstate the policy. Grace period | 30 days from the due date for payment of each premium. Loan provision | Loan option is not available with this plan. Policy surrender | The policy cannot be

surrendered before it has touched the surrender value. Once it has acquired the surrender value, the surrender value will be paid to the policyholder.


Key Features Of Max Life Whole Life Super Plan

Key Features Of Hdfc Pro Growth Maximiser Insurance Plan

* This is a simple Unit Linked Insurance plan with varied investment opportunity * There are 3 Investment Options available * Highest NAV Guarantee Fund * Free Asset Allocation Option * Capital Guarantee Fund * This plan offers the benefit of Highest NAV at maturity * There is the benefit of minimum guarantee NAV of Rs 15 at maturity * Single Premium Top Ups option is also available * There are 5 Funds available for investment under Free Asset Allocation option

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